Manpower Supply Services

If you are looking for the manpower supply, you are in the right place. For over many years we are providing the best manpower supply services in town. Presently, we supply experienced local labour  from various districts all over the Northern region. 

  • At a crucial time of labour crisis when your production has to step up output, we come in as your instant solution. By supplying local labour through our extensive networks, we help to achieve desired headcount at no time.
  • We also handle recruitment, payroll, transportation, accommodation and all other aspects for you. Making outsourcing labour  the best cost saving approach. Thus, keeping the client’s HR team dedicated in other aspects. Which in turn can increase their productivity.
  • We believe that we can help our clients to achieve a great economy of scales.
  • Our experience team make sure there is smooth operation flow. 
  • Attrition can be easily covered in no time, assuring clients that the production date line will not be affected by external factors. 
  • We comply to all Malaysian labour law requirements, thus making sure, the image of our customers is not damaged. 
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