Cleaning Services

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Professional cleaning

A professional cleaning service provides the tools and the know-how to manage all the necessary elements needed to ensure that your building is as clean as it looks.  Think of it this way: your business is where you want to focus your attention. Assigning cleaning duties to staff or hiring cleaning staff is simply another distraction for you. 

We understand.  Cleaning is our business.  We have the staff, the equipment, and the experience to make your environment shine.  Moreover, not only that, but we take that load off your shoulders, and you know you have the right people at your back.

Factory cleaning

Our factory cleaning specialists ensure that everything on your production floor is as clean as can be.  We keep the main floor aisles swept and vacuumed of dust and other debris.  What’s more, a clean factory floor will prevent tripping hazards and other safety hazards.  Also, if we see something that does not look right, we notify you for good measure.

At UMM, we have what it takes to support your entire industrial cleaning needs.  Our customers include large factories, business complexes, offices, and buildings.

Our team knows, and, because of advanced training, we continue to hone our skills and procedures.  Our business can help your business retain the life and lifetime of your carpets and floors to save you money.  Moreover, we can do it on a budget that you can live with.  We know how to care for any variety of hard flooring.  From the very special needs of tile and stone to proactively maintaining your carpet’s usefulness, we have the knowledge to get things done.


General Cleaning

Consider walking into a business that looks in disarray, trash cans aren’t emptied, the walls or carpets are stained, and there is a stale odor that hangs in the air.  Now consider walking into their competitor’s office. Where the walls are clean, the air smells fresh, and the office has a clean and efficient look.

Would you instead place an order with the first business or the second?  The first business would hardly be anyone’s choice for the simple reason that if they treat their environment like that, how would they treat your orders? The second one would be most people’s choice because the office has an efficient and professional feel. Which means they are bound to deliver a quality product.  It boils down to the fact that a clean and orderly office inspires customers to have a higher degree of confidence in your work or product.

General Cleaning

Areas with run-down looking buildings are not pleasant to visit.  Our staff can maintain your building’s roof and siding with pressure washing and power spraying equipment to lift off the dirt and reveal the quality detail that has been hiding.  High-pressure jet cleaning is the ideal solution for concrete buildings, sidewalks, and parking areas.  By blasting away dirt and other debris, our team ensures that your building shows itself to be well maintained and in good repair.

General Cleaning

Confined spaces are a challenge with any business.  Our professionals are certified to operate in small areas.  That means we can clean where others cannot.  If a sump room needs to be vacuumed out, for instance, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

Confined spaces are not for everyone, but our staff has been in more than one tight spot and seen the job through successfully.

General Cleaning

Similar to having a clean office environment, having a well-manicured landscape around your building makes a powerful statement about your business.  It’s as simple as keeping the grass cut and the hedges trimmed.  Not only does landscape management make your building more appealing, but it also makes your grounds safer as tripping, and other potential hazards can be identified.

UMM can provide your grounds with just the right accent.  Our groundskeepers are professionals at their craft and know how to keep your landscape in trim!  And speaking of trimming, lawn cutting is another service we provide our customers; we have the personnel and equipment to get your lawns cut quickly, quietly and at an excellent price!

General Cleaning

We use only the highest quality industrial carpet cleaning and shampooing equipment to ensure that your carpets are fresh looking and spot free.  We know all about stubborn carpets and spots, and we know how to deal with them.  We can take your run-down looking carpet and make it look fresh and nearly new again.

Clean carpets make an office feel more spacious and less claustrophobic, and they also are much healthier than dirty carpets.  Depending on your location and amount of foot traffic, we can recommend a cleaning schedule that is right for you.

General Cleaning

Floor polishing is essential for that smart look.  No one likes drab, scuffed floors.  Our staff uses the right equipment and cleaning materials for whatever hard material on which they are working.  Using the proper equipment and materials leaves you with super polished, professional looking tile, granite, marble, and more.

Even hard surfaces can get dirty faster than you realize.  One day you will suddenly notice they are dull and lifeless.  We know how wear patterns work and can establish the perfect floor polishing regimen for you.

General CleaningA daily, or at least weekly, scrub down of all flat surfaces is another essential to a clean environment.  It does not take long for a counter, a desk, or even the kitchen appliances to start looking filthy.  Not only is a clean countertop pleasing to work on, but it is also less likely to harbor cold and flu viruses.

We recommend flat surfaces be cleaned daily, weekly at the outside.  Routine cleaning is needed because flat surfaces, like desks and countertops, receive the most “hands-on” use and therefore need more frequent attention.

It has been proven that cleaner work areas contribute to higher productivity to the business.  When you think about it, it makes sense, a well-kept environment is less likely to harbor germs, allergens or pathogens and that means you and your staff, can spend more productive time on the job and less time at home nursing a terrible cold or flu.

General Cleaning

When our professionals clean your drains, they also look for indicators of future problems.  By being proactive in all our processes we help you to mitigate potentially costly repairs in the future.  And nothing is more costly than underground pipage repair.  We analyze your system for any signs of corrosion or undo wear, any current leaks or rust.  By assessing and removing clogs in pipelines we can help extend their useful life as clogs can place a good deal of pressure on your system – and that pressure doesn’t just harm your pipes, it has the potential to damage multiple systems attached to the problem area.  Our professionals can often make fixes on the spot.  If that isn’t possible we will provide you an assessment of the issue and the methods involved in the repair process.